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Our Scopema seat installation system has undergone rigorous safety testing. 

We retained an independent engineering firm to pull-test our under-carriage, bracketing system. Testing applied the Society of Automotive Engineers safety standards and performance criteria for Motor Vehicle Seating Systems (SAEJ879b) and Seat Belt Anchorage (SAEJ787b). The certification process verified that our system sustains a peak-load of 17,400 Ibs without sudden catastrophic failure. This pull-test was applied on three occasions and held for up to 5 minutes at peak load.

Ensure your passenger's safety with Benchmark’s certified installation system.

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“Other seats we’ve used in the past have not met our comfort and safety standards. Scopema’s fold-out seats are easy to deploy. The three-in-one functionality is seamless. That’s why we partnered with Scopema and pull-tested our installation system to provide the vanlife community with a verified system.”

Leland Gilmore, Benchmark Vehicles Founder

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Exclusively For Mercedes Sprinter Vans

Your Scopema seat comes with a bracket mounting kit that securely affixes the seat to the undercarriage of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. The bracket mounting kit has been specifically designed to fit Sprinter vans only. If you have a Transit, Promaster or other van, the bracket mounting kit is not compatible. When you buy the seat, you are buying it for a MB Sprinter only. If you decide to install the seat in another van, you are assuming responsibility and all risks for the safety of that installation. When you purchase your seat, you are required to check a legally binding Terms and Conditions clickwrap agreement that affirms you are aware of the approved location and will be installing it accordingly. NW Seat Works LLC assume no responsibility if you operate outside of that agreement.