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Altair Three-Seater (6ft Trifold) - CURRENT STOCK ON SALE

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Available Now - on sale! Three seats in stock & available at 20% off full price.

Need space to spread out? Get this three-seater, bench seat that folds flat to a 6' long, 47.2" wide bed.

The Scopema Altair 3P Trifold Three-Seater is a versatile, fold-out seat featuring a noir felt sleeping pad with integrated headrests, armrests, isofix points for carseats, and shoulder seatbelts.

Benchmark Vehicles has engineered and pull-tested a unique bracketing system for Scopema seat installation. Our custom bracketing system is safety certified for Mercedes Sprinter Vans only. 

Included with your purchase of the Scopema Altair 3P are the seat cushions themselves, seatbelts, the seat mounting base, and a bracket mounting kit with hardware and installation instructions.

What's Included

  • Bracket mounting kit with hardware and installation instructions and video
  • Three-seater in black leatherette with 3d mattress overlay
  • Integrated headrests, armrests, and shoulder seatbelts
  • Isofix points for car seat compatibility
  • Includes a noir felt sleeping pad
  • Seat mounting base
  • Seat Cushions


  • The Scopema Altair 3P is 47.2" wide.
  • Bed is 6' long when folded flat. 
  • 120cm Trifold = 120cm = 47.2 inches = 3.93 ft
  • Slide forward 8”
  • No lateral slide

Clearance Requirements

  • Allow 22.5" behind the seat frame from the set location


Store Policies

Shipping Policy

  • Made in France. Assembled in Portland.

  • Shipping times vary. We will email you with your seat's ETA. 

  • We apologize for any delays due to ongoing supply chain issues. We track all shipments and will keep you informed via email and SMS

  • We reserve the right to invoice you after your purchase for international shipping price changes. We apologize in advance for post-purchase invoicing due to the rapidly changing cost of shipping in Europe.

Refund Policy

We are not able to offer refunds at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. If your product arrives damaged please contact us immediately so we can make it right.

Terms and Conditions

Your Scopema seat comes with a pull tested and certified installation kit that securely affixes the seat to the undercarriage of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. The bracket mounting kit has been specifically designed to fit Sprinter vans only. If you have a Transit, Promaster or other van, the bracket mounting kit is not compatible. 

When you buy the seat, you are buying it for a MB Sprinter only. If you decide to install the seat in another van, you are assuming responsibility and all risks for the safety of that install. 

When you purchase your seat, you are required to check a legally binding Terms and Conditions clickwrap agreement that affirms you are aware of the approved location and will be installing it accordingly. NW Seat Works LLC assume no responsibility if you operate outside of that agreement.