How long until my seat(s) arrive?

Shipping times vary. We will contact you with your seat's ETA.

We apologize for any delays due to ongoing supply chain issues. We track all shipments and will keep you informed via email and SMS.

Seat(s) ship as freight, palleted and wrapped. Shipping costs are billed at checkout. 


What seats are available?

  • The Neptune 3P 60cm bifold lateral slide – driver

          (Single seater, lateral slide to middle)

  • The Neptune 3P 60cm bifold lateral slide – passenger

           (Single seater, lateral slide to middle)

  • The Altair 3P 86 cm trifold

           (Two seater, 6’ bed length)

  • The Neptune 3P 86 cm bifold

           (Two seater, 4’ bed length)


What material and features do the seats include?

All seats are in black leatherette with 3d mattress overlay, Noir felt sleeping pad and integrated headrests and armrests.


What is the difference between trifold and bifold?

The trifold bed is 24 inches longer than the bifold bed.


What is the length of the bed?

  • Altair 3P Trifold bed length: 72” = 6 feet.
  • Neptune 3P bifold bed length: 48” = 4 feet.
  • The Altair trifold can be special ordered in 76” / 6’4” length.


What is the width of the seat?

  • Neptune 3P, 60cm bifold lateral slide = 60cm = 23.6 inches =1.96 ft
  • Altair 3P, 86cm trifold = 86cm = 33.85 inches = 2.82 ft


How much interior clearance is needed around the seat?

  • Clearance from front edge of base frame to front edge of floor is 21.5”.
  • The seat is located 52 5/8" from the front edge of the factory floor to the back edge of the seat base.
  • On the bifold seat, clearance from back edge of seat base to any cabinets or walls must be 1”.
  • On the trifold seat, clearance from back edge of seat base to any cabinetry or walls behind the seat must be 22.5”.


What are the clearance requirements behind the seat to allow the bed to operate?

  • On the bifold seat, there is no additional clearance required behind this set location.
  • On the trifold seat, allow 22.5" behind the seat frame from the set location.


What is a lateral slide?

The lateral slide in a 60cm seat is a feature that allows the seat to slide towards the center of the van, and better align with the swiveled front seat to create foot space while sleeping. Alternatively, if you have two, 60cm seats you can slide them together to form a larger bed.

The lateral slide is also available on the 86 cm seats.


Do you have a three-across 120cm Scopema seat?

Yes. We have a very limited quantity of 120cm three-seater


What comes with my seat?

The seat cushions themselves, seatbelts, the seat mounting base, and a bracket mounting kit with hardware.


Where is the seat installed?

  • Benchmark Vehicles has been certified from the manufacturer to sell and install Scopema seats in one location only: the driver’s side in the forward section of a MB Sprinter van.
  • Or, for a 60cm lateral slide passenger seat, the passenger’s side in the forward section of the van.  
  • Benchmark Vehicles is only selling seats and hardware configured for this mounting location. Measurements for the correct seat location are included in your installation instructions.


Why only one location?

  • We can not develop a mounting bracket for or crash test all locations in the van.
  • We went through the process of testing the seat in this specific location and certifying its safety in that specific location.
  • The seat and hardware supplied provide for the seat to be mounted on the driver’s side in the forward section of the van. Or, for a 60cm lateral slide passenger seat, the passenger’s side in the forward section of the van.
  • Upon purchase of your seat, you will sign a release of liability certifying that you will install the seat in the approved location only.


Can the seat be installed on the metal floor of the van?

No. The seat must be installed onto a finished floor inside your van.


What are the brackets?

The bracketry is a requirement to install the seat. It captures the frame rails below the floor, which will require some mechanical aptitude such as lowering the fuel tank to install the bracket, drill holes through the floor, and tighten supplied bolts. 


Can I install the seat in my van?

Yes. Installing your seat is a two-person job. Reference the step by step installation instructions that come with your seat.


What vans can the seats be installed in?

Your Scopema seat comes with a bracket mounting kit that securely affixes the seat to the undercarriage of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. The bracket mounting kit has been specifically designed to fit Sprinter vans only. If you have a Transit, Promaster or other van, the bracket mounting kit is not compatible.

When you buy the seat, you are buying it for a MB Sprinter only. If you decide to install the seat in another van, you are assuming responsibility and all risks for the safety of that install.

When you purchase your seat, you are required to sign a legal document that affirms that you are aware of the approved location and will be installing it accordingly. Benchmark assumes no responsibility if you operate outside of that agreement.


Does Benchmark offer seat installation?

We selectively offer installation of your seat at our SE Portland location depending on our schedule. Please inquire at info@benchmarkvehicles.com